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When sites source drugs and supplies independently, the result is often a chaotic process that wastes time and money, complicates billing and administration, and causes disruption to your trial. That’s why Myoderm created CentralSource – a revolutionary turn-key service that centralizes NIMP drug sourcing, distribution, and inventory management for clinical trials.


With CentralSource, all the drugs and supplies your sites require, including NIMPs and standard-of-care medications, are sourced and then consolidated at our state-of-the-art distribution facility. Each of your sites is then directly supplied on an ongoing, as-needed basis using cutting-edge technology that streamlines planning, procurement, and management.


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GlobalSource greatly simplifies the sourcing of comparator and other drugs for clinical trials through our global network of manufacturers and suppliers. With GlobalSource, we can access any quantity and type of drug you need, including branded, generic, and OTC products in all therapeutic classes and dosage forms, as well as hard-to-find medications. And we carefully follow lot and expiration date requirements with an unparalleled attention to detail.


We can also supply ancillary non-drug products such as glucometers, blood pressure units, syringes, and needles – virtually anything you need for patient, physician, or clinical site use.


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Alleviating the Pain of Independent Site Sourcing

Alleviating the Pain of Independent Site Sourcing

When sponsor companies require clinical trial sites to source commercial drugs and ancillary supplies independently, it can impact the outcome of clinical trials. Sites often lack the expertise, time, resources and processes for efficient and effective supply chain management. It is critical that sponsors evaluate these challenges and optimize their sourcing strategies to minimize risk and maximize success.

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