IBM Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) for Sites, formally known as Merge Clinical Trial Management System for Investigators, is a platform used by institutions conducting research to organize, centralize, and manage clinical research operations and finances across their institution. It supports large hospitals and academic organizations as well as independent research organizations. When implemented as part of the central research infrastructure at clinical research sites, CTMS for Sites helps to streamline the clinical trial process and maximizes operational efficiencies. It is designed to reduce financial compliance risk, increase performance transparency across organizations, maximize revenue or cost coverage, reduce burden of duplicate data entry, and support efficient participant recruitment. CTMS for Sites provides a building block for centralization and standardization at research sites and can help create an end-to-end ecosystem that supports clinical care as well as research, regardless of research specialty or site type.


Merge CTMS for Investigators

Merge CTMS is the result of close collaboration with customers, and nearly 20 years of their suggestions.

Through enhanced productivity and business management tools, Merge CTMS for Investigators allows research organizations to centralize study information, organize research activities, and improve recruitment and financial performance. Merge CTMS scales easily from one to many sites, offering a comprehensive suite of CTMS tools for independent research sites, physician networks, SMOs, hospitals, health systems and academic medical centers.

• Assess Study Feasibility
• Negotiate More Profitable Contracts
• Organize Study Documents
• Manage Patient Recruitment
• Schedule & Review Appointments
• Track Revenue & Profitability
• Manage Financials
• Customize Views & Reports
• Ensure HIPAA & Billing Compliance
• Ensure Data Security


Merge CTMS for Investigators