CSSi is a Site Performance Company. Our services focus on managing the clinical trial enrollment process and supporting sites to maximize their performance in meeting or exceeding patient accrual timelines. We work with each site individually to ensure that all efforts are specific to each site’s geography, staff availability, past experience and suggestions for the particular study. CSSi utilizes a highly talented in-house staff to deliver these services which allows us to meet your enrollment goals while being mindful of your study budget. We believe that setting each site up for success is best achieved by investing our efforts in developing site-specific enrollment strategies which minimizes costs and maximizes the sponsor’s return on investment. For more information regarding CSSi’s targeted enrollment services and capabilities please contact Chris Trizna, or visit the CSSi website, www.CSSienroll.com.


CSS-Major Depressive Disorder

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CSSi-Depression Study Case Study

CSSi-Depression Study Case Study

CSSi was presented with a large major depressive disorder study that had experienced sites with access
to patient databases. A full-service approach was implemented to cast a broad net and ensure the
enrollment goals were met in a timely fashion.