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• Eliminate paper binders
• Collect eSignatures
• Track expirations and outstanding tasks
• Ensure 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
• Standardize filing and naming conventions
• Simplify remote monitoring

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• Trusted by 80+ sites to manage over 4,000 studies.
• Accessed by 1400+ monitors from 170+ sponsors and CROs!
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• Best practices and industry standards
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• Maximize sponsor acceptance and reimbursement
• Largest and most experienced team on the market

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Steps to Paperless Research Sites: Creating Certified Copies & More

Steps to Paperless Research Sites: Creating Certified Copies & More

Whether you’ve taken the first steps toward a paperless clinical trial environment, or are still contemplating that very important transformation, you will want to take advantage of a new resource now available from Complion.

“Steps to Paperless Clinical Trials: Creating Certified Copies and More” presents insight and expertise from Betsy Fallen, a regulatory and clinical process consultant, on using information technology to tame the paper beast that threatens efficiency and productivity at clinical research sites.

Learn valuable tips and how-to steps to help your site transform to digital, including:

  • Printing and Scanning – If a born-digital document would remain digital, the need to print and manage a paper copy would be gone. We’ll share tips on how to adopt this concept.
  • Certified Copies – Some sites still require the retention of paper for documents with scanned images or wet signatures. We’ll review opportunities for designating ‘certified copies’ and eliminate the need to retain paper.
  • Signatures – We’ll review options for streamlining the signature process and alternative solutions to replace wet signatures as a means of approval.

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More eRegulatory Experiences: Embracing a Paperless Process for Your Site

More eRegulatory Experiences: Embracing a Paperless Process for Your Site

Embracing a Paperless Process.pngWhile your research site may be working in the shadow of a growing mountain of paper documents and regulatory binders, the prospect of transitioning to an electronic document management system can be daunting.

More eRegulatory Experiences: Embracing a Paperless Process” presents insight from two professionals on the process of moving from paper-based systems to the Complion document management platform.

In the article, Dustin Caldwell of OptiMed Research and Neal Surasky of Chesapeake Research Group share the details of the decisions made and obstacles encountered as they severed their tethers to paper.

Download this article today and learn:

  • How they moved past their initial reluctance to make the change
  • How they overcame push-back from stakeholders inside their organizations, including sponsors
  • How they gained an understanding of 21 CFR compliance
  • How their sites have gained new efficiency and productivity

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CenterWatch: Regulatory Compliance an Increasing Burden on Sites

CenterWatch: Regulatory Compliance an Increasing Burden on Sites

Increased staff time, materials, storage eroding site operating profit

The increasing number and complexity of clinical trials has impacted investigative sites in several key areas, including the need to pre-screen larger patient pools, collect more personalized data and perform more time-consuming and complex tasks related to regulatory compliance.

While there is agreement that the regulatory compliance burden is high, few initiatives have been launched to measure the direct impact on sites, until now.

In this feature article, CenterWatch shares the results of a one-of-a-kind assessment of over 160 investigative sites to understand the extent of the staff time and materials involved in regulatory compliance.

Download this article today and gain unparalleled insight into:

  • Factors contributing to increased regulatory burden and cost
  • Which tasks related to regulatory compliance are most time-consuming
  • The total staff and material costs associated with performing regulatory tasks
  • The amount of space and storage costs associated with storing regulatory documentation
  • Issues with Sponsor reimbursement
  • Opportunities for improvement

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Texas Cardiology Research Department Transforms Document Access

Texas Cardiology Research Department Transforms Document Access, Fuels Productivity

How Complion Helped a Texas Cardiovascular Research Department Reach New Levels of Efficiency

Case Study – STCC Feature Image.pngSouth Texas Cardiovascular Consultants, PLLC (STCC) is a top performing, multi-site health system serving four different cardiology locations in the San Antonio area for over 20 years.

Driven to uphold their reputation of providing exceptional patient care along with the highest standards in quality and accuracy, the STCC research department realized that their current paper-based process was slowing them down. They needed to improve the way they were managing regulatory documentation.

So when they decided to look for a compliant document management solution, their evaluation led them to Complion.

Gain insight into how Complion can benefit you today.

In this case study, STCC examines the challenges and reasons for ultimately deciding to implement the Complion Regulatory and Document Management platform. You'll also learn how Complion helped improve workflow, enabling STCC reach new levels of productivity.

If you're interested in an eRegulatory and document system that is completely Part 11 compliant and is backed by a team of clinical research professionals, you should download this case study today.

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