We offer a variety of services to our clients and are happy to work on all clinical research levels (i.e. Sites, CROs and Sponsors). In general, our research is more thorough and our pricing power is more competitive due to our ability to provide turnkey service.


Promotional Items



Because your site doesn’t sell a product or service to the public, promotional items may not have ever occurred to you as a potential marketing tool.


However, low-cost, high-quality giveaways can help you do exactly what you want to in preparation for recruitment: establish your site in the minds of community members in a positive way.


Setting up booths at community health events and meeting with people at their workplace are great ways to lay the groundwork for successful recruitment, but don’t stop there. Be ready with a pen, tote bag, or other useful item that will continue to remind potential volunteers of the good impression you left on them.

Motion Graphic Videos



Not long ago, video was confined to television and movie theater screens. With the explosion of digital media and the availability of mobile devices, however, it is now possible to view videos anywhere, any time, and on nearly any topic the viewer can imagine.


Video content is valuable for more than simply entertainment; marketers quickly recognized the potential to communicate a message in a more engaging, effective, and memorable way than text ever could. Advanced tools and processes have made it very convenient to create a high quality video that presents your clinical research site’s work, mission, and contact information to potential volunteers. Click on the link below to see how video content can transform the way you tell people about your site.  


A sample of our Educational Video is below,  please check it out.


For more information, please contact us with your specific requirements.

Direct Mail Products


Of all the clinical trial marketing options available, why should you select direct mail?


The simple answer is that it is the most effective method of reaching the most valuable contacts in your area for any given study. Television commercials get muted and ignored; social media posts quickly pass out of memory; and every-door mailers land in the mailboxes of thousands of people who don’t qualify for your study at all.


Direct mail, sent only to a mailing list of people who have your indication and are likely to qualify, increases your rate of response by a dramatic margin. Click on the link below to see how our products and processes can take the headaches out of marketing for your site!

Data List Protocol


Don’t waste your site’s precious marketing budget on advertising that reaches thousands of people who aren’t even qualified to participate in your research trial.


There’s a much better recruitment method available, and it allows you to spend time and money reaching only the people who are most likely to join your study.


Our data list protocol maximizes the efficiency of direct mail, implementing multiple filters, updates, compliance checks, and other procedures so that your postcards and mailers have the most impact possible. Check out the link below!




Find out about our Data List protocol and view an extensive list of indications. Our national mailing list can help you focus your clinical trial recruitment campaign

Clinical List America Products and Services

Clinical List America Products and Services

Get detailed information on our direct mail products and view samples in this interactive document. See what other services we offer that can help you recruit for your next clinical research study.