Embracing a Paperless Process.pngWhile your research site may be working in the shadow of a growing mountain of paper documents and regulatory binders, the prospect of transitioning to an electronic document management system can be daunting.

More eRegulatory Experiences: Embracing a Paperless Process” presents insight from two professionals on the process of moving from paper-based systems to the Complion document management platform.

In the article, Dustin Caldwell of OptiMed Research and Neal Surasky of Chesapeake Research Group share the details of the decisions made and obstacles encountered as they severed their tethers to paper.

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  • How they moved past their initial reluctance to make the change
  • How they overcame push-back from stakeholders inside their organizations, including sponsors
  • How they gained an understanding of 21 CFR compliance
  • How their sites have gained new efficiency and productivity

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