Increased staff time, materials, storage eroding site operating profit

The increasing number and complexity of clinical trials has impacted investigative sites in several key areas, including the need to pre-screen larger patient pools, collect more personalized data and perform more time-consuming and complex tasks related to regulatory compliance.

While there is agreement that the regulatory compliance burden is high, few initiatives have been launched to measure the direct impact on sites, until now.

In this feature article, CenterWatch shares the results of a one-of-a-kind assessment of over 160 investigative sites to understand the extent of the staff time and materials involved in regulatory compliance.

Download this article today and gain unparalleled insight into:

  • Factors contributing to increased regulatory burden and cost
  • Which tasks related to regulatory compliance are most time-consuming
  • The total staff and material costs associated with performing regulatory tasks
  • The amount of space and storage costs associated with storing regulatory documentation
  • Issues with Sponsor reimbursement
  • Opportunities for improvement

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